Grace Ridge Trail Water Taxi

Enjoy the breathtaking views from atop the peaks of Grace Ridge Trail. Grace Ridge separates Sadie Cove and Tutka Bay. Once on top, one side offers the view of Sadie Cove and the other are views of Augustine volcano, McDonald Spit, Tutka Bay and the Herring Islands. From its 3300-foot elevation, you can see many volcanos in Alaska’s “Ring of Fire”.

This is a difficult hike being steep at one and, and even steeper at the other. After a drop-off at South Grace trail head, it is a very steep hike up. Your less steep hike down offers you views of Homer Spit and Kachemak Bay. The pick-up point is Kayak Beach where you can reserve a yurt and make to an overnighter if you choose!

Grace Ridge Trail Information

Length: 8.2 mi/13.2 km

Rating: Moderate to Difficult (long climbs)

Hiking Time: 1.5 hours to first alpine knob, 2.5 hours to summit, 6-8 hours entire trail

Elevation Gain: First knob at 1745 feet, summit at 3145 feet

Trailhead Access: Marine Access – north end at Kayak Beach Campsite (exposed site – a short connector trail offers alternative anchorage on Sadie Cove side of point), south end at South Grace trailhead with good anchorage (across Tutka Bay from Sea Star Cove Public Use Cabin).

Camping: Kayak Beach Campsite (developed) at trailhead, alpine areas (no fires), South Grace Trailhead (undeveloped).

Water Availability: Seasonal stream at Kayak Beach, good stream near mile 1.6, no water on ridge, seasonal creeks near

Grace Ridge Trail Description:

The trail begins on left side of gravel beach at Kayak Beach Campsite (an area once used as a rock quarry). It follows an old road now densely inhabited by alders, then begins climbing through an old growth Sitka spruce forest. Mile 1.4 offers an excellent view of Sadie Knob. Huge spruce trees dot the narrow ridge and the roar of hidden waterfalls below can be heard. At mile 1.6, a creek rushing along the trail offers a good water source (before climbing to alpine area).

Climbing on through sub-alpine alders and meadows to mile 2.9, an alpine knob (1745 feet) offers an excellent destination for a half-day hike. Stunning views of Eldred Passage, Sadie Peak, Cook Inlet volcanoes and beyond are available here. Watch for mountain goats, black bears, golden and bald eagles. To continue, follow the marked route through the alders to the southeast, cross a saddle, and climb the alpine ridgelines to the peak (3105 feet).

There is good spring skiing in this area’s bowls. The alpine portions of this
route are unmarked, but it is easy ot folow the “knife” ridges. Descending into the alders again, the trail switchbacks into the spruce forest, ending at Tutka Bay.

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